Our mission

To be a leading infrastructure provider powering Web 3

We believe everything that can be decentralized will be decentralized, and we provide robust infrastructure required to scale these decentralized protocols and their applications.

A joint venture between


The Team

Our team has significant international experience in semiconductors, data centers, blockchain, crypto, cloud and AI. We are a highly passionate and diverse team pursuing principles of decentralization for social impact.

Sami Issa

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Wael Aburida

Co-Founder / Chief Financial Officer

Balázs Tóth

Co-Founder / Director - Strategic Finance

Maggie Love

Co-founder / Director - Ecosystem & Partnerships

Jon Stevens

Co-Founder / Director - IT and Compute

Peter Mack

Director - Legal

Andy Feldman

Director - Legal

Essi Lagevardi

Director - Decentralized Finance

Clint Armstrong

Director - Decentralized Storage

Kris Jenk

Manager - Strategic Finance & Special Projects

Terry Nelson

Manager - Data Center

Marzena Golinksa

Manager - Finance

Jill Kellegher

Manager - Business Support

Kawika Kaholokula

Director - Datacenter Ramp

Mariah Morse

Senior Accountant

Samir Pelinkovic

Manager - IT

Jason Bennett

Manager - Talent Recruitment

Board of Directors

Joseph Lubin
Board Director
Jeremy Millar
Board Director
Sami Issa
Board Director
Wael Aburida
Board Director
Jörg Roskowetz
Board Observer