Our mission

To be a leading infrastructure provider powering Web 3

We believe everything that can be decentralized will be decentralized, and we provide robust infrastructure required to scale these decentralized protocols and their applications.

A joint venture between

W3BCLOUD Holdings Inc.
1201 North Market Street, Suite 111
Wilmington DE 19801

The Team

Our team has significant international experience in semiconductors, data centers, blockchain, crypto, cloud and AI. We are a highly passionate and diverse team pursuing principles of decentralization for social impact.

Sami Issa

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Wael Aburida

Co-Founder / Chief Financial Officer

Balázs Tóth

Co-Founder / Director - Strategic Finance

Maggie Love

Co-founder / Director - Ecosystem & Partnerships

Jon Stevens

Co-Founder / Director - IT and Compute

Peter Mack

Director - Legal

Andy Feldman

Director - Legal

Essi Lagevardi

Director - Digital Assets

Clint Armstrong

Director - Decentralized Storage

Terry Nelson

Manager - Data Center

Marzena Golinksa

Manager - Finance

Jill Kellegher

Manager - Business Support

Kawika Kaholokula

Director - Datacenter Ramp

Mariah Morse

Senior Accountant

Samir Pelinkovic

Manager - IT

Jason Bennett

Manager - Talent Recruitment

Board of Directors

Joseph Lubin
Board Director
Jeremy Millar
Board Director
Sami Issa
Board Director
Wael Aburida
Board Director
Jörg Roskowetz
Board Observer